Innovation project funded by NKFI

State-of-the-art design software supports custom developments with a variety of tools and options to help individual companies make their own workflows faster and more efficient. The Autodesk Inventor ( mechanical design (CAD) software can also integrate such external developments on several levels. At a simpler level, one may create Visual Basic macros in an internal development environment with basic programming knowledge. These can be stand-alone modules, but can also be built into the software (application development interface, API) and perform tasks in response to events. More advanced enhancements can be made in an external software development environment (such as Visual Studio) in several programming languages. As part of the project, we would like to develop additional modules for the Inventor software we use, which are built in an external development environment for greater efficiency and require a deeper knowledge of the developer interface. This requires the involvement of an external expert who, in addition to programming knowledge, also has sufficient knowledge of the software used.